Fly Fishing For Trout

There’s a lot of talk online about Fly Fishing – and especially fly fishing for trout.

And for good reason.

Once you know everything there is to know about trout, then they are pretty easy to catch.  So my grandson and I put together some tips I’ve used for over fifty years of trout fishing, and my grandson wrote it all down and he’s showing me the pictures on this ipad.  I’ll just never get used to these things, except for looking at pictures.

You can just get the ebook for free – just put in your email address and you get it right away, even if I’m not using my computer.

But knowing everything there is to know about how to catch trout is one thing – knowing where to go trout fishing, and knowing stories about the people – those are really the best parts about fly fishing.  Every Trout is a beautiful thing, and I’ve appreciated my visit with each one of them.  And yet, I can fly-fish for hours, hike through countryside all day – and even if I catch nothing, I always returned home just as refreshed as though I’d been catching fish all day!

In the past five decades I’ve had the good fortune to travel across Canada more times than I can count.  The endless quest for fly fishing had taken me into almost every stream and lake you can think of – and plenty more that I’ve just plain forgot.

I like talking about fishing, cause at my age, I only do the soft tours of remote fly in fishing a few times a year now.  My grandson, bless his heart, I would guess over the years he has heard all my stories more than once, because I started telling a good old fishing tail the other day, and my grandson started typing faster than I knew someone could type!

He said “Keep talking Granddad – I’m going to blog all your fishing stories!”

At first, I wasn’t to fond of the idea – who am I to be a published expert on fly fishing?  But after a while I was getting into the swing of it, because I’d never seen anyone so interested in getting another fishing story out of me!

To get my memories working again, I took out the atlas and maps, and started looking at where I’d been, and really think about stories of places and people across Canada I’ve met.

It’s been the best thing ever, bonding with my grandson, talking about Trout, and Fly fishing – all the amazing places in Canada, and remembering some of the old friendships!  I’m finding old friends on Facebook, and sharing some really great laughs again – and wouldn’t you know it, my grandson has his own set of hip waders!



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